Make.My is another url Shortener but with a really cool and catchy url. We are currently in Alpha stage.

Make.My is free to use and can be useful in many different situations such as tweeting, SMS messaging or other situations in which character number is limited.

Make.My is also very useful for branding and advertising. With Make.My you can Make.My\GAME or Make.My\SHIRT. You can even Make.My/DAY

In order to use Make.My simply type the long url you wish to shorten in the the big box on top, and optionally your preffered short url suffix in the small box at the bottom. Voila, you now have your short, cacthy URL

Here are a few of the most common uses for is.gd: -

  • Make URLs easier to read and pronounce
  • Make URLs more suitable for reproduction in print
  • Make URLs more brandable and strengthem your brand
  • Shorten a website address when texting it to a mobile phone via SMS.
  • Shorten a website address for social networking sites like Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Shorten a website address for instant messaging services like Skype, Facebook messenger or gtalk.
  • Handle software problems with with long or complex links.

All uses of Make.My url shortener are currently allowed as long as such use is legal in your country, In the cuntry hosting our servers, in the country responsibe for our Domain name and by International Law.

Make.My is currently in Alpha stage, and does not make any promise regarding proper working state of the service, or the sortened links.

While in Alpha stage any or All shortened URLs may be deleted at our discretion for whatever reason we see fit. We may also not permit Shortening ceratin URLs

By using this service you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions Please read these before using this service.

If you have any questions or problems with the website please feel free to contact us. If you Have any Personal problems, Please feel free to drown them in booze.

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