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Spam Policy

Make.My Stricly Discourages spam, malware and phishing and has plans future plans to place strict anti-spam systems. While in Alpha stage, we do not explicitally deny any address due to limited enforcement methods but we reserve the right to delete any link at out own discretion and/or due to abuse reports. We also reserve the right to report any obvious illegal activity. Such reports may include short and long URL names and any submitter IP addresses. We also Discourage shortening addreses to other or this url shortening service.


Make.My currently collects a very limited set of information:

  • Which URLs you attemted to shorten, and to which URL
  • Attempts to access a shortened URL
  • your IP
  • the date and time of your visit to the site
  • entry and exit pages
  • the previous site visited
  • the type of browser you are using.

All or some of this information may be collected for every attempted shortening of a url and for every attempted access to a shortened URL, weather succesfull or not. Other information as is automatically collected by popular webservers may be collected too.

Make.my reserves the right to make any legal use of this information. We will remove your personal information from our databases upon request according to our available resources, and at a time by our choosing.

Link Validity

Make.my makes no guarantees regarding validity of any shortned links.

For the removal of doubt, any such link may mulfunction, redirect to a different web page or be deleted due to website mulfunction, illegal user activity, server load, commercial reasons, or any other reason whatsoever.

We do not gurantee that a mulfunctioning link will continue to malfunction

Link Policy

Make.My Has a strict link shortening policy. According to our policy you may only redirect to non-sexual content sites, showing legal content. For the removal of doubt, this excludes sites containing only or mainly advertisements, "phising" sites posing as a different page, pornographic content, sexual-theme related content, content shown Illegally, or any other shortened link. For example, It is not consistent with Make.my Link policy to have www.make.my/curtail redirect to www.make.my/short

Make.My takes liberty to change or delete any link redirecting to a site that is not consistent with site policies.

Make.My may show a warning message to anyone that follows a link that is not consistent with site policies, such a message may be false in some cases, if a link was considered suspicious.

Make.My may consider any link to not abide("non-consistent") by site policies, if any suspicion arises and may treat links as non-consistent with such policies even if they are in fact consistent with policies. By using this shortening service you are agreeing not to hold Make.my responsible for any such mistake

Make.my may consider any link non-consistent upon relieving a complaint by any official authority of any government

Make.my may may choose at our own liberty, to authorize some links permanently even if they are non-consistent with Link policy and/or to accept such links, but change them at a later date without notification.

Any person may contact Make.my to complain about a link he sees offending by sending an e-mail to addresses as published in the relvant section in the site. We will remove links at our own discretion and do not guarantee that any link will be removed

Link policy may change with no notification

Website Affiliation

We do not in any way endorse or support the content that may appear in a any URL shortened by our service, nor The URL's themselves. We are not responsible for such content being Abusive, Sexual, Illegal, or if it contains advertising or in any other way troublesome. By using this url shortener, You acknowledge this and you acknowledge that any such link may contain content as mentioned above.


Make.my is currently a free service, and is in Alpha stage. Our service is provided as-is without warranty of any kind. We provide no guarantees that the service will be available at any given time, including the main website and all short URL's and we can not guarantee that the main site or the service not be subject to interruptions. By using this service you are responsible for direct or indirect risk related to use of the service, any damage caused to you or others by it, and any illegal activity that may arise from your use of the service or be supported by such use.

We do not make any guarantees whatsoever regarding the service, or this website

We reserve the right to change any of these terms or conditions at any time with no prior notice

Using Make.my's Services will probably not raise your Search engine rank in any way


No content may be copied from this site without Prior written consent. This includes Design, content, artwork, and any other content that may appear on the site